Choosing an International School

In today’s world, competition between students cannot be stopped. It’s time for a revolution in education systems, and international schools are the answer. Education these days is not only about academics; there is something beyond.

However, this does not mean that all international schools meet international standards. International status can be earned, but this will not end there. Here are some important qualities that a good chiang mai international school should have.

Good resources

The school must be able to cover the required resources. Whether it’s academic, sports, gastronomic, or hostels, the availability of resources is essential. The quality of the resources available determines the quality of the school.

Good teaching staff

This is one of the most important qualities that any school should have. The teaching methodology followed by the school is of great importance. The K-12 education system is being implemented in many IB international schools. This is a more self-evident model in which learners are better at discovering themselves. The school must have designated staff capable of guiding students correctly.

Good organization

Different schools have different rules. You must ensure that there is strict discipline in the school if you know your child is being educated in the right place. Individual grades across the board should be sent to parents periodically. There should be separate teaching methods for students below average. Sports and other extracurricular activities such as music, art, and hiking should be compulsory. This promotes the student’s growth and helps him to avoid pressure.

Additional features

Books and the library are not the only opportunities a student should take advantage of. The school must also provide all the necessary conditions in dormitories and on sports grounds.

Good message

The geographical location of schools is important. It is good if the school is located in a safe area with minimal noise and air pollution. It is also important that the city is easily accessible and transport is available at all times.

Be aware of the various extracurricular activities offered by the school: –

Since education is important, participation in outdoor activities and other extracurricular activities is also necessary. International schools are very picky about this. They encourage students to take actions of their choice. In fact, there are many activities on offer such as music, arts and crafts, dance, creative writing, theater, information technology, yoga, gym, science club, environment and nature, etc. I miss even after leaving school.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best international school, make sure you do a thorough search, preferably online, to gather background information before starting the admission process.


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